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Prime informazioni sulle nuove Fiat 500

Prime informazioni sulle nuove Fiat 500

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 01:42 AM PDT

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Olivier François, manager Fiat, ha confermato che la nuova Fiat 500 Elettrica riprenderà tutti i canoni della 500 "tradizionale". Sotto la scocca, continua Francois, la nuova Fiat 500 Elettrica sarà completamente differente rispetto alla 500 attuale. Le dimensioni saranno leggermente aumentate, anche se la differenza con la 500 a benzina, sarà difficile da notare. La Nuova Fiat 500E verrà presentata al Salone dell'auto di Ginevra del prossimo anno, per poi arrivare sul mercato poco dopo. Sarà prodotta a Torino - Mirafiori.

La 500E è stata sviluppata partendo da una nuova piattaforma, che in futuro sarà utilizzata anche da altri modelli del gruppo. Sarà affiancata dal modello non elettrico attuale, restilizzato e aggiornato a livello tecnico e non solo. Saranno introdotte le nuove 500 Sport (anche 500X Sport), Star e Rockstar. Avrà il Firefly 1.0 70CV al posto del 1.2 69CV Fire, e il 1.0 mild hybrid.

Fiat ha anche confermato che la 500 sarà affiancata dalla 500 Giardiniera, anche se l'azienda non ha dichiarato quando arriverà. La 500 Giardiniera offrirà la migliore efficienza di spazio della sua classe, afferma Fiat, e "un design inconfondibile". Anch'essa avrà varianti ibride ed elettriche.
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Fiat 500+. Quando OBENDORFER anticipò la 500L

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 12:57 AM PDT

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Quando venne presentata la Fiat 500 del 2007 e ancora non si sapeva che Fiat avrebbe fatto la 500L, DAVID OBENDORFER creò al computer la Fiat 500+. La versione monovolume della 500, anticipando la 500L.

Fiat 500 spider/coupe
Fiat/Abarth 600 in chiave moderna
Fiat 127 in chiave moderna
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Ford’s Fiesta ST has grown up

Posted: 21 Apr 2019 08:26 PM PDT

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Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up - Ford had an immense undertaking staring its in the face to catch up the old Fiesta ST, a vehicle which positioned reliably as one of, if not the, best hot super-minis discounted for the sum of its five-year life expectancy. All around its execution division has conveyed by and by. The new Fiesta ST changes formula altogether with the appropriation of three-chamber power and it's not exactly as hard-edged as before with an increasingly flexible ride. Critically however despite everything it sparkles as a straightforward hot bring forth bundle, conveying on execution, nimbleness, genuine driving fun and incentive for cash. The Fiesta ST ticks all the privilege boxes and to a great extent stays away from the shallow ones.

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

The Ford Fiesta has a long yet confounded history with regards to execution subsidiaries. Through the span of right around four decades hot Fiestas have showed up under different naming methodologies. Crummy RS Turbo and gentle Zetec S vehicles have been and gone, and keeping in mind that XR2 and XR2i badged Fiestas make a case for being symbols, it's the later ST badged Fiestas have truly put Ford's hot supermini on the guide.

The principal Fiesta ST touched base in 2005 dependent on the fifth-age Fiesta supermini - known as the Mk6 in the UK – and pressing 150bhp from a normally suctioned 2.0-liter motor. In spite of the fact that the Mk7 Fiesta touched base in 2008, quick Ford fans needed to hang tight until 2013 for another ST adaptation. With up to 197bhp on overboost from a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-barrel motor, sweet taking care of, a radiant body, a material gearbox and a luring sticker price contrasted with opponents, it immediately settled itself as the hot supermini benchmark.

Quick forward to the present day and the third Fiesta to wear the ST identification arrived only a year after the standard Mk8 vehicle. An opponent for the new Volkswagen Polo GTI, Peugeot 208 GTi and the Renault Clio RS, the vehicle's ethos stays much the equivalent, yet there's a major change under the cap. This is a three-chamber hot incubate, its new 1.5-liter unit vigorously turbocharged to compensate for an absence of limit. It's additionally accessible as a five-entryway show out of the blue.

Portage keeps on offering the Fiesta ST in three trim dimensions badged ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3. All adaptations get an exceptional bodykit, inconspicuously sportier than the one found on ST-Line Fiestas, in addition to extra ST contacts in the lodge close by Recaro sports seats. ST-1 autos are fitted with 17-inch wheels, journey control, cooling, keyless begin, path keep help, programmed headlights and a 6.5-inch SYNC3 touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

ST-2 and 3 vehicles are overwhelmingly what you'll discover in showrooms and on forecourts however, and both can be furnished with a discretionary £850 exhibition pack including a Quaife restricted slip differential and dispatch control.

ST-2 trim highlights programmed atmosphere control, updated Recaro sports seats with warming components, safety belts and tangles with blue itemizing, back security glass and a redesigned infotainment show eight crawls in size. It sounds quite rich yet numerous purchasers will even now be enticed to stump up the £1,500 premium for a ST-3 show. The Performance Pack remains a choice here yet route, a back view camera, control collapsing mirrors, downpour detecting wipers, programmed high shaft, lumbar alteration, a 4.2-inch TFT show in the instrument board and a section cowhide inside are incorporated. The ST-3 rides on bigger 18-inch wheels as well.

Three-chamber engine still packs enough punch to make the Fiesta ST pacey and keeping in mind that this new vehicle is somewhat gentler, it's still legitimately great fun

The old Ford Fiesta ST was continually going to be a hard demonstration to pursue, and with such a generous change under the hat, Ford has accepted the open door to reconfigure the Fiesta ST's character a bit.

Open the entryway and everything feels recognizable – you'll move into profound, figure embracing Recaro can seats that vibe enormous in the cockpit. Flame up the Fiesta however, and you're promptly acquainted with the headliner: the motor.

With three barrels on board instead of four the motor note has changed radically, however Ford's designers have endeavored to make up for the passing of a chamber. In contrast to the active vehicle with its inclination to rev openly, the new Fiesta ST's motor note is much bassier, and the torque bend implies there's little to pick up from pushing it past 5,500rpm. The fumes presently pops when the vehicle is flipped into its Sport or Race driving modes however, and the Fiesta ST is substantially more vocal from outside – you'll certainly see one passing.

By and large it's a splendidly punchy unit with more torque than previously, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox as smooth in task as you'd trust it to be. The Fiesta's guiding stays sharp and deft, making the ideal impression of a nimble, little vehicle with sacks of hold. There's less jostling through the wheel on harsh surfaces, yet it's simply not exactly as open or regular inclination as the setup in the more established vehicle.

The milder guiding is participated in the ST by a progressively supple suspension setup. On its essence, the adjustments awe and this is a significantly more agreeable vehicle, both around town and on long voyages, than previously. The new vehicle doesn't feel very as crude and associated with the street as its crashier antecedent, yet the ride is still firm, created and guarantees the vehicle streams down a normal B-street magnificently.

The Fiesta ST is the top tier as far as ride and dealing with equalization, on account of its splendid damping. The framework is called Ride Control 1, and it's a detached setup that can firm things up amid hard cornering however dial down when less interest is put on the vehicle's hold saves. Edge the Fiesta ST into one of its racier driving modes, and the ESC will surrender a touch of its hang on the skeleton and throttle permitting a few slides.

You would now be able to skirt the Fiesta's respectable torque vectoring setup and settle on a legitimate mechanical constrained slip differential, as well - in this manner opening much progressively front-end hold and adding another measurement to the vehicle's excellent taking care of qualities. The Performance Pack it is gathered into likewise incorporates dispatch control and a move brief light on the dashboard.
Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

Ford's Fiesta ST has grown up

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